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SOFT SKILLS :Suppose you wanted to become  skillful at something. Anything. Golf, karate, selling refrigerators, negotiating, making presentations, being a "leader" instead of just a manager - whatever. The point is, you want to become truly proficient. Your objective is not just to know something about the thing; you want to be able to do the thing, and do it well. Would  you: • Read a book?• Watch a video?• Hire a motivational speaker?• Attend a seminar?• Try a few role-plays?• Practice with an expert coach under realistic working conditions until you achievedfluency? The answer is obvious. Any of the first five choices could provide some useful information about the skill but only the last choice will turn potential talent into  demonstrable competence. Why? Because when you do something repeatedly - trying to perform upto an explicit standard - your mind and body get the "feel" of doing it proficiently. And the "feel" of doing it is the skill. You can confirm that statement with your whole life's experience. If you don't acquire the feel, you haven't acquired the skill. Further, the feel is acquired only by using the skills to produce a real result: a good golf stroke, a sale, a successful negotiation. TECHNICAL SKILLS : * Sales* Marketing* Payroll* Software Development* Labor law

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